Thursday, May 24, 2012

Red, White, and Barbecue

The start of a new summer is right around the corner! It’s time to open up the backyard pool, invite some friends and family over, and celebrate Memorial Day 2012.

Freedom Food
Some serve the country, others serve food! Make your meal a memorable one with these tips.

- This weekend is the kick off to many gatherings that you’re sure to have this summer. Instead of being stuck with a sink of dishes, go disposable! Head to Costco or Sam’s and buy your dinnerware in bulk.

- Choose a red, white, or blue color scheme that you can re-use throughout the summer for any occasion. 

- Get creative with your presentation. Serve your French fries in a cool colored paper cup with a blue bow on it.

- Add patriotism to your burgers and organize them on different colored platters: red for beef burgers, white for turkey burgers, and blue for veggie burgers! It’s a simple way to identify all of your guests’ needs.

- Grab a cookie cutter and serve your apple pie in style! Find an awesome star shape and present a spectacular dessert for your friends to enjoy. If you can find different sizes, cut out a few of each.

- Give your drinks a splash of fresh fruit. Add fresh blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and apples to pitches of cold water to give your guests some tasty options to choose from.

Stars and Stripes
Here are some sug-JES-tions to enhance your space!

- Great barbecue food is completed with the perfect assortment of condiments. To keep your furniture from getting messy from ketchup and mustard, grab a plaid tablecloth to keep things clean.

- Break the mold of red, white, and blue with a centerpiece of bright yellow Sunflowers. It’ll serve as a reminder of the (hopefully) bright and warm summer ahead without clashing with the stars and stripes.

- Limit your decorations. The staple of Memorial Day is the obvious USA color scheme. Don’t over-do it with tons of paper decorations on the walls and doors. The pops of color in the way you decorate your food, drinks, and tables will show off your American pride.

Memorial Mania
Keep your guests entertained with a few themed games and fun this weekend!

- To keep the kids busy, give them a fun crossword puzzle to complete. Create your own Memorial Day themed crosswords by using them as menu’s to see who can find all the words first! Give the winner an extra serving of some delicious apple pie!

- Set up a poker table for the adults (using red, white and blue chips, of course!) It’s sure to keep the men occupied as you and your girlfriends swap summer vacation plans!

- Enjoy a game of the America’s pastime, baseball, in your backyard. Mix up the teams by drawing red and blue bandanas. You can tweak it to a game of wiffle-ball to keep everyone safe, especially if there are little ones running around, while still having a great time.


We know that a bold color scheme like this one can get a bit hectic, so remember that editing is key if you want to keep your place from looking like an American museum. Focus on the small touches, and the big picture will come together. Whether it’s a little color in your food presentation, flair in your décor, or excitement in your activities, your party is sure to be the hit of Memorial Day weekend. With these tips, your guests will feel like they’re partying with a rock star! Have a flag-tastic Memorial Day!

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