Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Ever wonder why your flower arrangements never turn out like the arrangements you see in magazines or at events?  The jesGORDON team is here to help!  Our very own flower expert, Arthur Brantley, will be leading a flower-arranging workshop on May 23rd at the jesGORDON studio in Manhattan. 

Arthur will demonstrate the key steps to creating a fabulous floral arrangement.  From tips on how to select flowers, and exploring different arranging techniques, to creating the perfect wrap to add that finishing touch, Arthur will educate and amuse during his floral tour.  This class will provide a unique experience for each student, since YOU will be the designer.  After learning the dos and don’ts from Arthur, each participant will be encouraged to create his or her own masterpiece.

The class curriculum will include:
  • Determining the style of your arrangement
  •  The art of selecting flowers
  •  Learning how to use a floral knife properly
  •  Specifics on conditioning flowers and foliage
  •  Selecting and prepping your container
  • Step by Step instructions on arranging flowers 

You’ll get to keep your beautiful, picture-perfect arrangement and vase.  After all of your hard work, refreshments will be available.  (Yay for cocktails!)
Whether you are looking for a gift for your mom, a treat for yourself, or an introduction to a new hobby, this class is not one to be miss.  We hope to see you there!  

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  1. This seems awesome Jes, How often do people comment on your blog? Just asking b/c we are working on the blogs section of the new site.
    thanks, you rule. flower work shop seems like a really good idea!