Thursday, July 5, 2012

Curb Your Anxiety

In this crazy world of event planning, it’s easy to pile on the stress and get overwhelmed without realizing how much you’re taking on. It’s important to remember that this is one of the most fun jobs in the world; so let’s start acting like it! Here are some ways that you can take a breather and relax yourself before a mid-event breakdown occurs.
  • Caffeine is your worst enemy. We often think that drinking coffee or Coke (even Diet), is a great way to boost energy. Trust me, you will not need energy on the day of your event. Your adrenaline and focus will be so intensified that any caffeine is just going to make you jittery and overly excited. To avoid insomnia the night before, and crashing the night after, go for the herbal tea or decaf option. Anything that’ll relax you and allow your body to feel charged and focused is a great idea.
  •  Make the calendar your best friend. Whether it’s a huge one on your desk, an electronic one online, or accessible on your mobile device, a calendar is essential in keeping your composure. It’s a great way to stay on schedule and really balance out your tasks so that you’re not running around doing everything on the last day. Pace yourself. Set goals for the different tasks you have to complete. If you’re a list person, keep a pad of paper and pen with you at all times. Leave it on your dresser at night so that when the creative brilliance comes to you in a dream, you can jot it down before you forget (which would give you more anxiety!) Cross things off your list and calendar as you complete them. The mind is at ease when it knows that there’s one less thing to do for the day.
  • Make a map of the flow of human traffic that’ll occur on the day of the event. Doing a physical walk through starting with where they’ll park, and going through to their exit. You can visualize where people will wander, dance, sit and relax, socialize, etc. Once you’ve completely understood what your guests will be doing, you can ensure that you’ve covered all the necessary bases and can stay ahead of the game.
  • Trust your instinct. Some people like apples and others will like oranges…if you like kiwi instead that is completely okay! Everyone will have an opinion, but at the end of the day….it’s YOUR event! So don’t second-guess yourself. If you’re not completely sure about something, let the idea marinate for a day or two and get back to it. Once you take a step back, you’ll realize whether it’s really something that you want or not. Don’t stress about it! Be confident and passionate; the rest will fall into place.

 When in doubt, we’re always looking for new clients! Ha! If you’re not up for the challenge of planning an event, give us a call and we’ll take on the challenge. We are stress-experts here at jesGORDON/properFUN!

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