Monday, July 16, 2012


Confused by the title? Haha! This blog is all about social media. Raise your hand if you have a Facebook account. (Just kidding silly, you’re going to draw attention to yourself haha!) But the reality of it is that almost everyone is on social media. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even just by reading this blog, you’re making use of these tools that have become available to us in the past few years.

So if you’re on it, and everyone else is on it…why not promote yourself or events?! It’s a free tool that gives you awesome outreach and can be controlled from your cell phone if you need it to. Our team is on all forms of the web so that we can stay connected with you! Maybe some things we do can help you maximize your potential.

jesGORDON/properFUN is on Facebook as a “Company Page”. We love when people post to our page and we’re more than happy to respond and chat.  We also love to give our fans an inside look to what’s going on with our company. We’ll put up albums of pictures from our events, post our blogs, and even add statuses about random things that are going on in the office.  An awesome thing about the company page is that it also shows how many people are not only seeing our posts, but talking about it and sharing with their friends.

Twitter (@jesgordon)
Jes is a twitter-holic! Some places just use twitter as a way to post and promote themselves, while we use it as a vital way to communicate with our followers. There is no tweet that goes unanswered! Oscar, an intern at jesGORDON/properFUN actually got his position after tweeting Jes! It’s an awesome way to get questions answered and just make genuine connections that could build your relationships.
Twitter is something that has to be constant if you want it to be successful. And, you can only write down 140 characters at a time. So take the 20 seconds out of your day to respond to people!  Who know’s when you’ll "bump" into someone what can take a tweet to a real-world collaboration? Networking is the key to success in ANYTHING.

Instagram (@jesgordon)
This is another big social media channel, and probably the most fun! We’re really visual here (duh!) so we LOVE taking pictures and seeing what others are posting. On our end, we love to share the events we're working on and visuals that inspire us creatively or otherwise. Maybe you weren’t invited to the party by our client, but we’ll give you the inside view! From set up, through the event, and breakdown, we’re always snapping away. It’s a great way for us to show our fans what’s inspiring us on a daily basis and try to give you all a solid way to see our visions coming to life.

We love connecting with people, so appreciate connecting with others in any way that wecan. Who likes emailing all day? Find a way to captivate your audience by using the tools in front of you. It’s more than advertising, it’s connecting. And, we promise to keep things fresh and interesting for you.

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