Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Make Christmas Come to You!

Christmas in July is always in. Not only is an excuse to have a party but also everyone can dress up and you get that Christmas feel in the middle of July. Get excited, it’s halfway to Christmas!

Now, you may ask yourself...why would I need a winter wonderland themed party? Décor is a major part of Christmas at any time of the year.

A Christmas village pulls it all together. You can design it any way you want. Have snow and hills and a train. A train is always a must when it comes to a Christmas village. It brings the town together. The houses are beautifully designed wherever you are able to find them.

Make the party a DIY party and you can create all the décor. You can find ribbon and a wire and watch a DIY video on how to create a bow and snap, you’re a pro. Find some fun wrapping paper that goes with your color scheme and you can wrap old boxes that are lying around put them under the tree.

Next up is the Christmas tree. In the Western Hemisphere it is hard to find a Christmas tree in the middle of the summer. Some people maybe against this but invest in an artificial tree. There is not a mess and you can let your friends borrow it if they want to have Christmas like parties as well.

Have those delectable treats that everyone loves at Christmas time. If you’re not the best baker in the world, head down to your local bakery or supermarket to find those tasty treats. If you go to your local bakery, you can order any types of treats and pick them up the day of the party.

Have fun with Christmas at anytime of the year. It does not matter when you have it! As long as you're with family and friends, it's a party!

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