Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The After Party: Why Say Goodbye So Soon?

We all know that awful feeling of being at a bar and hearing "last call" when you just got the party started. Sometime events have the same feeling. You know us at jesGORDON/properFUN can't resist the urge to keep the party going. So, in the spirit of playing until the sun rises, we have provided some do's and don'ts to keep the party going!

DO get other people involved! If you're the bride and you've spent months planning the big wedding, give a subtle (nudge if you will) to your groom to plan an after party. In fact, grooms seem more likely to be interested in planning the after party than the wedding itself.

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DO keep in mind that most people have been partying for a few hours and at this point it might be a good idea to provide some H2O to recharge guests batteries and keep them from entering into a sleepy slumber.

DO stick with the cocktails you were serving at the main event. You DON'T want your guests to get sick from mixing drinks. There's truth to those sayings (we won't mention here) about mixing spirits, wine and beer.

DO change up the location. Feel free to get creative, just make sure people have safe transportation. If guests are hungry, suggest a local diner. Diner food is probably the best sobering up tool -- hello grease and butter! If you feel like dancing, go to a club with a cash bar -- you just threw a party, make your friends buy you a drink! Most importantly, don't pick a spot where you're responsible for the clean up.

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DO enjoy your second chance to have a good time! More times than not, hosts don't have time to chill with their friends during their parties because they are busy with introductions, shilling hors d'oeuvres, and giving thank-you speeches. So, this is the time to hang with your guests.

*Disclaimer: It's a shame when the debauchery of after parties erases the elegance of the event itself, so all we ask is that you take on this task with a solid dose of moderation.

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