Wednesday, July 18, 2012


    Written By Bree Tallman
     A few weeks ago, you heard from my co-intern Oscar about his experience as a jG/pF intern. Now it’s my turn. My name is Bree Tallman. I will be starting my second year at The University of New Haven in the fall, in West Haven, Connecticut. I am working towards a degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management with a concentration in Tourism and Events Management and a minor in Beverage Management. I love the energy of the school.

     Let me tell you how I found out about jesGORDON/properFUN. I was home for the holiday break last December when an old family friend mentioned that she knew someone who worked for Jes. Well, I jumped on that opportunity and started making contact with the jG/pF team. After a series of emails, one nerve-racking phone interview and a month of waiting, I had been hired as an intern.

     I was definitely surprised when I got this internship. Usually, internships do not come till junior or senior year but I got one right after my freshman year! I was so excited. I could not wait to start my summer in Manhattan. I am a New York Native, living on Long Island but spend a lot of time in the Big Apple.

     Like Oscar said, the office atmosphere is awesome. Our productionDIRECTOR brings his dog, Shamon, in everyday and he is the sweetest. I just love how he lays on my feet and he could be for hours, if all I’m doing is sitting and working on the computer. Sometimes I do not even notice he’s there until I move my feet or go to get up. Oh and referring back to Oscar about our office conversations. If there isn’t one inappropriate conversation in a day, you know the day will be crazy.

     Some days are hectic. I could be running out to the stores all day to buy supplies for the events or the office or I could be sitting in the office or in the production room, working on events and finding cool ideas for our clients.  Sometimes the day is so crazy that some of us don’t even have a chance to eat and take five minutes to get away from everything. I really like the production room. I love the involvement it takes and how much it really matters to the event.

     So let me tell you about meeting Jes. Jes is awesome! I didn’t get a chance to meet her until about a month into the internship when she returned from an event in LA. She is hysterical and can make you laugh at any given moment. She is probably one of the coolest people I have ever met. When it comes down to the business of it all, Jes is probably the most serious person I’ve ever met.

     I’ve been working a lot with our designDIRECTOR and productionDIRECTOR and let me tell you, I thought I just wanted to be like our eventsMANAGER and handle just the business side of things but I found that I like it all. I love being hands on with the events and pulling ideas together to make an event come together. I like setting up the event and making sure every little detail is in place. I want to be the one who helps design and pulls the client’s dream together. So far I’ve been able to be on two installs and I have loved every minute of them. They are long days but in the end, I have a great time.
 A usual day can be spent in our Production Studio

     I love being an intern with jG/pF. It’s a lot of hard work but in the end it is experience and a great experience at that. I was so nervous about my first day and our eventsMANAGER calmed my nerves a bit.

     So if you’re interested or have any questions, shoot me an email: I will do my best to answer your questions. This could be the email address for one of you someday!

Me and Oscar just having some fun at a install!

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