Friday, March 30, 2012

All About You

Your event should communicate your personality or your brand immediately to party guests. This is traditionally done through theme, color, flower arrangements and other decorations. One way to take it a step further is to personalize an object, like a plate, and make it unique to your party.

Personalized plates or glasses might make you wince. Remember those cheesy prom gifts from high school? But a custom plate or glass design can add that special touch to your table setting or serve as a party favor. The trick is to have some fun with it and branch out beyond the standard name or date of the event. What about putting your face on the plate? Or a quote? How about your favorite flower? Or a funky graphic? The possibilities are endless.

{Source: Milkbottles}

At jesGORDON/properFUN we like to take this otherwise unthought-of space, make it unique, and most importantly about you. It adds a bit of fun and surprise to the event as people find their seats.

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