Friday, March 23, 2012

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle!

We all know that recycling is good and benefits the environment, but how do you incorporate these ideals into a design? We do that a lot here at jesGORDON/properFUN by using materials and objects, and repurposing them into our projects. We just put together a table for DIFFA's Dining by Design event using a lot of repurposed materials, as mentioned in our post DIFFA 2012. What are some other ways to use recycled materials?

An easy place to introduce reused materials is in the small details of a table or room. Use empty wine, beer, and liquor bottles as candlestick holders, place them in clusters on a table and create very elegant and green setting at the same time. Also using empty glass sauce or jam jars as vases for floral arrangements creates a country feel that can be an awesome contrast to a more rock and roll space.

A more advanced approach is through the use of paper. Using old magazines or newspapers, cut out a shape, like a star, or fold into something like a paper airplane. String the paper objects on clear fishing line and hang at different lengths from a thin pole parallel to the table to create a whimsical and air recycled centerpiece. Paper can also be used to create chargers or place mats by starting with a cardboard shape and paper mache-ing clippings to the cardboard.

Some techy recycling includes attaching a bunch of CD's as a dangling light-catching arrangement over a table or dance floor. Also these can be used as place cards, just write the name of the guest on the CD in black sharpie and voila! When using recycled or repurposed materials it adds an element of surprise to your design and gives the objects a new found beauty.

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