Friday, March 30, 2012


The latest trend in social networking--which we are completely obsessed with--is Pinterest. The clever name combining the words “pin” and “interest” is pretty self-explanatory. A user can pin, or post, images or items they find interesting, creating a digital inspiration board that can then be shared with friends, family, or us!


jesGORDON/properFUN loves Pinterest because it is a great tool for you to collect your ideas, and for us in defining your style. It allows us to see inside your mind and get a glimpse of what your vision is. This can be especially beneficial for getting a clear sense of what a bride’s tastes and desires are for her big day.

It can be even more helpful in a situation where you cannot clearly describe the feeling or style you want for your party. We can take a look at your Pinterest page and extract what you love and want.

Whether you are planning a big romantic wedding, or a girly bat mitzvah get searching for inspiration, and PIN IT!

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