Thursday, March 22, 2012

DIFFA 2012

Guess who is back for DIFFA's DBD 2012 with a neon colored booth?

WARNING: Be prepared for a large dose of eye-popping color.

Fluorescent and neon colors are making a big come back. Fashion, interior design, beauty and lots of other industries are embracing the trend with gusto. We've been always been huge fans of neon colors :) This year, we decided to take our love affair with neon to the next level with fun shapes, textures, and lots of signature jesGORDON happiness.

It is always a fun challenge to design a space with props that you already own. We built the shelves in the back of our DIFFA space with black milk-crates and filled them with books with neon painted edges. We included vintage toys that Jes collected to add a personal touch. We dressed three sides of the booth with long strings of neon ribbon and lit each side with clear LED panels. The LED up-lighting enhances the color of the ribbon and illuminates the entire booth.

A lit oval table in the center of the room provides a base for a sculptural centerpiece—a flurry of butterflies—created with white wire hangers. The tabletop features custom oval plates with a hand making a PEACE gesture, utensils dipped in neon paint, and tortoiseshell votives. The real stars of the show are the messages hanging from the centerpiece—an array of handwritten wishes from people passing our table about the ongoing fight against AIDS.

We had a blast during the seven hour installation yesterday and are grateful to be part of this wonderful event again!

Visit DIFFA Dining By Design 2012 at Pier 94 (55th St. at 12th Avenue). Public viewing hours are:

March 23 - March 24, 10am - 7pm

March 25, 10am - 6pm

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