Monday, March 19, 2012

Color Trends 2012/13

Events are all about the theme, which is often driven by a color scheme. Color trends in events often trickle down from fashion making both mint and tangerine shades popular in the coming seasons.

Mint, sea foam, light turquoise and teals, work well for spring months and for upcoming winter events too. This cool and fresh color palette lends itself to many different feels and avenues when planning an event. When paired with ivories, grays, or other pastels like pink, this creates a soft, airy aura. If you want to incorporate these pale and cool green hues in a more traditional and formal feeling design, combine with slate, black, or gray. And finally when paired with a bright warm ‘pop’ color, mints, sea foams, and light teal hues become much more playful and fresh.

Tangerine, mango, or orange have been traditionally hard colors to incorporate but in recent months they have been popping up in everything from fashion to interiors. When using one of these bright, warm colors as the base of your palette, you can go one of two ways. The first is a bit subtler using it as the accent color paired with more neutrals like white, ivory, or sugar cookie. The second is a lot bolder, by pairing it with another vibrant color of either warm or cool color palettes, say hot pink or turquoise, for example, and you get something very lively and new.

Think about these upcoming trends in color when planning your next event and how they can be incorporated into every detail from the invitation, flowers, venue, tables, dresses, and all the way through to the thank you cards.

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