Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How to "Sleep No More"

Last night the JG team took an amazing field trip to the production of Sleep No More in Manhattan. Sleep No More tells the story of Macbeth (that’s right, brush up on your Shakespeare) through the lens of a 1940-1950s Hollywood crime drama that takes place in fictional hotel, the McKittrick Hotel. The d├ęcor, actors and atmosphere truly transport you to that amazing era. We don’t want to give away all of the surprises, because the mystique is what truly makes this experience memorable, but here are some tips about the production that “leads its audience on a merry, macabre chase up and down stairs, and through minimally illuminated, furniture-cluttered rooms and corridors.” (source: New York Times, April 13, 2011)

(Courtesy of nycgrubbing.blogspot.com)

1. To avoid waiting on a long line, get there on the earlier side and stick together. Groups go into the production at different times so it’s important not to get separated when you are entering.

2. Bring cash because you are required to check your pocketbook. It is only $3, but we wanted to give a heads-up!

3. Arrive there early and stay late! After a dark tunnel of a time machine you magically arrive at a fantastic 1940s-themed jazz bar that takes you back to the days of Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong.

4. We suggest you start in the ballroom, which is on the 1st floor. To get there walk down the stairs until you cannot walk any longer! You’ll thank us later ;)

5. Pick a character and follow him or her. By following a character you are able to understand that character’s plot line instead of jumping from one to the next. They run through the play three times so you can follow three different characters. Following one character will also help you to explore some of the secret rooms in the “hotel” (there are over 100!).

6. Wear comfortable shoes – the artists run!

7. If you wear glasses, try to wear contacts that day. You are required to wear a mask and glasses can make that tricky :)

8. It can get very warm in the “hotel” so dress appropriately.

9. Take a minute to really explore the set. The love is truly in the details at this production.

10. Finally, make sure you end where it all started, in the ballroom, for the big finish!

Of course, being event producers we are still talking about this amazing experience over 24 hours later and dreaming up ways of making our very own 1940s/1950s hotel. We came up with a few quick fixes to transform an area into a sleek, mysterious hotel lounge. First, tone down the lighting. That almost dark with just-a-hint-of-amber lighting adds an element of intrigue (not to mention that the right lighting makes everyone look great). Also, try incorporating cocktail tables with one votive on each table and only two to four chairs. This will create that intimate atmosphere that you often feel in a jazz bar. Of course, create a playlist that highlights the amazing sounds of Miles Davis, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong and John Coltrain—to name a few. Lastly, request that your guests dress the part and encourage them to do so by speaking with a local costume shop. Perhaps they will give your guests a discount.

(Courtesy of papermag.com)

For information on Sleep No More visit: http://sleepnomorenyc.com/

About McKittrick Hotel:

In collaboration with Emursive, Skylight at the McKittrick Hotel is an unprecedented event venue that is a forum for unbridled creativity and extreme guest engagement. The "Hotel Menu" of custom-curations is performed with a level of service that is uniquely Skylight and a level of intrigue that is quintessentially McKittrick. For more information on events at McKittrick Hotel visit www.skylightnyc.com, Like Skylight Group on Facebook (www.facebook.com/Skylightgroup), or Follow @SkylightNYC on Twitter!

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