Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Can Flowers Be Masculine?

You bet they can! Often when people think of flowers, they immediately think of femininity. But flowers don’t have to be feminine. Of course, they will ways give that touch of softness to your party. However, in a recent event we created beautiful and manly centerpieces that wowed the guests.

Masculine florals tend to include flowers displaying strong graphic and architectural shapes (contemporary, clean lines) and foliage. Some of our favorite florals to use for our masculine arrangements are Ranunculus and Billy Balls with an accent of tropical foliage.

Varying textures of leaves and shades of greens and browns (dark tones) made the yellow floral accents pop. We always keep our centerpieces lush but our masculine florals tend to have a more organic feel.

Instead of using clear glass cylinders or other textured colored vases, we used black rectangular vases to add a contemporary look, which enhanced the masculinity of the whole arrangement. We also recommend sand blasted vases to add an organic element that is necessary in any masculine floral piece.

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